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Originally Posted by 100mph View Post
Price came from dealer in Toronto area, they had the same info/paperwork as was scanned and post in this thread so I have no reason not to believe it.

Remember we're in Canada though where we get screwed with higher car prices than the US even(though our dollar is fairly close these days).

And actually when I looked at my notes it was $59.9k so we might was well call it 60!

And I was told 6MT is standard at least in Canada
That's not that bad for a Canadian price, I agree...

Fortunately, Canadians are not getting as scr*wed as we used to be, on some models at least. Our 335i now comes with much more standard equipment than the base 335i coupe in the States, reducing the price difference to effectively a few thousand Can...

Unfortunately, when doing the same exercise with a M3 (comparing prices with the same equipment), the difference still seems to be quite large...
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