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Originally Posted by FrankiE90 View Post
that spoiler has always been sick.
it's a little more of a kick than the MTECH spoiler.
3d FTW!
even with a rep, let's say 250-350 and you mold it and paint.
your look'n around 1k+/-.

I like karbonwerke's trunk more.

edit- btw someone has a rep of this for sale.
u should ask him where he got it. -
and this thread should be moved to cosmetic.
Thanks for the response Frank.
If some vendor does come out with a rep for this spoiler, i'm sure it'd be good at around $200 painted. Most of us are probably not going to mold it because of the money issue hence why the spoiler in the first place.

Don't get me wrong, the karbonwerke trunk is sick and I would love to have one but most of us are not financially capable of spending 1k+ for a trunk

And I did check the thread about the one for sale, but there seems to be bad fitment issues with it.
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