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Originally Posted by 09AlpineTTSedan View Post
Why does the Code3/Spearco unit report a .7 pressure drop @ around 14PSI
But the Spearco unit reports a .2 pressure drop @ around 14 PSI
The 0.2 pressure drop is probably across only the core and, to be honest, that sounds a little far-fetched to me (Helix advertises a 0.5 psi drop at the core alone at 600CFM and that seems reasonable).

Part of the problem with comparing pressure drops will be to make sure they're at the same CFM (or at least the same psi). And if the figure doesn't include the end tanks, its basically worthless (as far as comparing it to other brands).

Likewise, the temperature reduction % is also kind of sketchy. AA has the "worst" data, but that's probably because they tested in 100+ temps at 30+% humidity. And like was mentioned in the first post of the thread, a heavy IC will act like a heat sink so it'll do better for short bursts with poor airflow (like on the dyno).

Ideally, you'd have some generous benefactor pay $10K+ to buy and test all of the ICs under the same conditions. But since that isn't likely to happen, just documenting what you can will have to do...