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Big Motoring World Review

Hi all BMW enthusiasts,

I appreciate this forum is not a review website, however, I had a bad experience with the above mentioned garage recently and feel I'd like to hopefully warn other BMW owners/potential owners about these guys.

I know there's been negative posts on here before about this garage (Big Motoring World, Kent) but naively I still thought I'd give them a chance and decided to pay them a visit. I only had my eye on one particular car and this garage is nearly 100 miles from where I live so I called them to confirm the vehicle I was looking at on their website was indeed still available to be seen and driven that day. I spoke to Gerrard and asked him in no uncertain terms to give me a call immediately if the car was sold in the 2 hrs it would take me to get there. He agreed, so I reitterated the importance of the coutesy call as I was coming to see that specific vehicle and no others.

When I arrived I had a browse around but couldn't find the vehicle. I asked to speak to Gerrard and asked if I could have a look at the vehicle. (As he hadn't called, surely it's here somewhere!). His jaw dropped when he realised it was me and unconvincingly claimed it had been sold 90 minutes ago. I was clearly unamused and asked about my phone call. He then sheepishly claimed to have forgotten. Before I could even reply he was trying to sell me another diffrerent car. I told him to save his breath and left not too happy.

Ok, so that's not the end of the world. However, I had a feeling the vehicle in question didn't even exist once I'd got home and started thinking about it. It did seem a little too good to be true. 07 plate E90 320i SE coupe, 19k miles immaculate in every way 12.495! So here's the interesting bit. Two days later I got my girlfriend to phone about the same car that was allegdelly sold 2 days earlier. She gave the VRN and explained she only wanted that exact car and if it's not available she wouldn't come down. Low and behold the car was suppossedly there ready for her to view and drive that day if she was looking at buying that day.

Now obviously we didn't do another 200 mile round trip for nothing just to prove a point but I can guarantee if she had gone he would have told her it had been sold that morning and tried selling here another car within seconds.

It's now over 3 weeks since my wasted trip. I looked on their website this morning and the car's there for sale so I called again today withholding my number and to my shock, would you believe the cars there ready and waiting to be seen. Of course it is!!!!

This car is obviously and absolute bargain used as bait and clearly doesn't even exist. The car is as above, VRN RA07 OEN.

Do yourselves a favour guys, don't waste your time, effort or fuel money on these people who will stand toe to toe with you and have such lack of moral integrity they will lie in your face.