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Originally Posted by mwscircle View Post
There have been a few PMs I received tonight regarding as why I chose to purchase this. Well let me walk through this and save Chris and David some time. A few have mentioned as why did you purchase an intercooler at $995.. compare to $599 or $799 or even $899...

I have been a fan of HPF.. about 4 of my real life friends are boosted with HPF stages 3, 2.5 and 2.5.

1)They have been an outstanding company treating their customers with amazing customer service, fast responds time.. I can actually pick up the phone call HPF and ask for David and he'll pick up the phone.... VS calling VF engineering and asking for Nik for 5 hours... It took me about 10 minutes @ work to place the order for the intercooler... I ordered this IC through AIM with David!

2)They don't mess around... when they say the product is coming out in a few months it will be in a few months.. the stuff is not going to pop out of nowhere... it takes time to develop this and they are very honest with their words.

3)HPF really stands behind their customers.. if most of you have not heard the drama between the stage 2 VF superchargers vs HPF then read a little more. This is what HPF did for Richard to fix his Stage 4... here's the post read it yourself

4)The piece of mind that knowing all of this are not just randomly thrown together and they actually have a shop that I can visit and plan on visiting soon.

There have been PLENTY of happy m3 customer here in SO-Cal take a drive in 1 and you will see why...

Cheers! if you have more questions as to why I chose this.. pm me? HAHA

wow...that thread on e46fanatics was amazing. i've never seen that level of customer service....ever.