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Generally I have no intimidation in 4 months and 5000 miles

Only had one obvious " Lets outrun you moment"

Minding my own business just listening to the radio and making sure I didn't go over the speed limit when I became aware of a car driving very close behind. Next thing I know he has dived in to the inside lane accelerated HARD up the car in that lane then switched back into my lane...narrowly missing my nose & he only just just made it back onto the brakes to avoid hitting the car in front of me.

So there we are three people (that nearly got involved) driving sensibly leaving suitable gaps all at the speed limit and some knob with a baseball cap in 306 GTI-6 decides to play stunt man. Three miles further on he is still in front of me when we reach a set of traffic lights. He looking across so of course I think I will just blast off, but that's too obvious. Lights change He shreds 500 mile off his front tyres and I just pull as normal...ten miles further on I am still behind him...he is behind the line of traffic that never seems to be absent.

5 years ago would have had to blasted off but now It just makes me smile

I did have one moment in the Boxster s that is worth mentioning..came across a blinged up Escort RS turbo doing 40mph went to over take it and has I did he started to accelerate..dead straight road, good conditions and ist 6am. So I just kept on accelerating..took 4th, then 5th. Escort is still next to me. I did get by but it took a serious amount of effort. Found out some weeks later that this guy had spent £10K on the escort and also had nitro, It ran nearly 300BHP and an escort don't weigh a lot. It was fast in straight line, but nowhere around the bends.
I never did it again
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