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Arrow First Drive: 2011 BMW 335is review roundups

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This is awesome. A few automotive magazines were able to get behind the wheel of the all new uprated 335is coupe. The car itself is set to debut at the New York Autoshow ( the eternal home of the E90 )

Read the review: Automobile Magazine
Selected quotes from the test drive:

The heart of the new "s" model is a modified version of the twin-turbo in-line six that will soon be discontinued in the 335i. Software tweaks have allowed power to be increased from 300 to 320 hp while torque rises 32 lb-ft to a total of 332 lb-ft. BMW predicts that quite a few buyers of the 335is will end up taking their cars to the track at some point. To compensate for the extra abuse, there's a second water cooler, a new oil cooler, and a heavy-duty cooling fan.
Outside of the M3, this is the first 3-series (and only for the immediate future) to receive the DCT gearbox, and it makes a convincing argument as to why you should skip the standard six-speed manual. The speed of an upshift, the beautiful rev match of a downshift, and the constant smoothness prove to be unflappable
When thrown into corners, the 335is surprises with a feeling of engineered lightness
From behind the wheel, we're totally sold on the 335is.
the cosmetic M Sport package can be had for $3250 on top of the car's $43,525 sticker. That leaves a $3750 difference with the $50,525 335is coupe paired to a manual transmission.
The 335is convertible will arrive first in April with a price of $59,075. The coupe then goes on sale in June. BMW says a 335is sedan will not be built.
Read the review: The Car Connection

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Look at the gallery: AutoSpies

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