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Originally Posted by TT3 iN NyC View Post
That is some AMAZING customer service. I've never read something like that before, EVER!

Good job HpF for taking care of Rich and his M3. Can't wait for the HpF 335i kit!!!!
Originally Posted by supahdave
I can see it now, this intercooler is setting the stage for later developments. Everything HPF does is well thought out in advance and for a reason.

They know their stuff.
Thanks everyone.

Originally Posted by ClarkGriswold
Does anybody worry about the extra weight in regards to the stability of the FMIC itself?
Our front mount intercooler weighs 22 and is one of the few intercooler on the market supported by lower brackets in addition to the bumper support screws. Bear in mind, the factory intercooler piping also provides additional support but it makes more sense to have the intercooler support hold the weight of the intercooler rather than the factory IC piping.

Originally Posted by turboawdfanatic
don't need something I am not doing aftermarket DP, exhaust etc. We all know the stock IC heat soaks pretty bad. I just want something BETTER than stock, but not have to trim and can use the stock c-clips. Helix requires little trimming if any at all...but doesn't utilize the C-lips.
If anyone ever wants to "undo" the trimming required to fit this intercooler, they could purchase the inner liner and replace it. I'll have my guys look up pricing on that.

Originally Posted by Alan l.
HPF = The cream of the crop in the BMW FI world.

Top notch developments, products, and most important of all....customer service. The stuff that these guys do for the E46 M3 crowd is simply unheard of in the auto industry.

Glad to finally seee you on here Chris

Thanks everyone.

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