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Standard audio rear speaker

Hi All,
I've been installing an Infinity Basslink into my E91. It fits perfectly in the cavity below the boot floor.

I spend hours routing line level cables to the head unit up front and tapped into the rear speakers, as you would if the bassbox is going in the rear. I have to tap into the speakers because the standard 6 speaker setup here in the UK is not the HiFi system the US has.

It seems as though the rear speakers has the bass stripped out as I am getting virtually sod all bass . I know the system works as it was in my E46 and thumped well.

Can anyone confirm if the speakers do have the bass they cant handle filtered out ??

I will confirm at the weekend when I remove the head unit and move the taps onto the front speakers. Not ideal but if thats all I can do I'll have to live with it.