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Originally Posted by Craigito View Post
I think they fused my oil cap down. The green indicator dot is like almost an inch beyond where it should be. I'm just gonna let it cool down (and my temper) some more before trying again. I'm almost yanking the car off the ramps trying to get this thing off. Something so simple made difficult by morons. Absolutely no reason for this nonsense.

Please don't tell me the oil cap unscrews in a clockwise direction.
LOL..I know what you mean. The first time I had the oil changed on my 330 I noticed the tech over TQ'd the cap. I politely asked him to back it out so the marks lined up.

Good luck and stay calm. If you can't back it out, call leave a message with the dealer ASAP telling them you're brining the car in to have a tech unscrew it by 1/4 turn.