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MP3 Problem

Hi guys from UK

I have just joined the forum after looking around at various posts

Thought I might help on the IDrive controller issue being discussed.

I have just had the CIP updated on my E90 - BEFORE Version 23 MP3 functionality worked from 09 2005 build onwards with NO issues on scrolling - ie resistance after the initial screen

Now after updating to 24.2 the resistance is there and is quite strong.

Same thing happens on telephone scoll listing and that is a bigger pain

BMW are aware this is an issue and have undertaken to issue a fix during the next cip update to Version 25 which is due here in Europe in March

The other issue which Version 24.2 makes is that the firmware on the DVD navigation drive is "updated" also - means it won't read copied discs - only originals

If anyone has a way around this I would be glad to know !

My guess would be that this is a deliberate move by BMW to avoid copying - The NAV discs are around GBP 200 here + taxes

I know they are also trying in future to limit the disc to be played only on one specific car and making you validate and authenticate the software

I was told also that the next version 25 will likely be able to read from USB stick or some such device - Wait till we see the new 5 series I guess

Hope that helps from a newcomer