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Originally Posted by TrackRat View Post
It's not approved because it doesn't pass the BMW LL-01 oil test sequence. The turbo Diesel oil is designed for Diesel engines not gas engines. Diesel engines have different requirements than gas engines due to different fuels, soot, cylinder combustion temps, different oil drain intervals, etc. Emissions is also a part of newer oil test sequence as is chemical composition specifics. That's why BMW and other car makers tell you exactly what oil spec oil is required for your particular engine.

It makes no difference to me what oil people use, I was just pointing out that using a non BMW LL-01 approved oil can void your new car warranty.
I highlighted exactly what I was talking about. How do you know that this oil just didn't pass because of the emissions?
I just had an analysis done on this oil and there were no problems after beating the crap out of my engine for 5k miles and I was even told by them that I could have easily gone 7500 miles. If anyone is tracking their car, I doubt that most are not going past 7500 miles between oil changes.

#1. If it's only used for diesel engines then why did it work so well in my engine? This is one of the reasons why I tested this oil. I was on the "bob is the oil guy" (or something like that) web site and there are plenty of people using the diesel oils because of the higher wear properties and protection.
If this oil was the improper oil to use then I would have seen it in the analysis.
#2. I have 65k miles on my car as mentioned in post #1 so I'm more concerned about my engine instead of a warranty that ended at 50k lol.
But, I do understand that you are letting others know about the LL-01.

Here's what I was wondering, 0w40 is LL-01 approved but 5w40 isn't. 5w40 has much higher wear properties than 0w40 but 5w40 isn't approved.
I'll bet you anything that it has to do with emissions.
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