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I have completed the full headlight washer retrofit on my E90, but I am stuck on the last item.

I need to gain access to the rear of the fuse panel behind the glove box as I don't have small hands. The last item of the retrofit is to install the +12v cable to fuse location #43.

Can anyone tell me how to get the complete glove box out of the car? I have completed the following and it seems stuck, very stuck, in the middle.

- removed the glove box door
- removed all 6 screws holding the glove box upper in place
- removed the hydraulic arm push-pin to the door
- removed all 4 screws and the 2 brackets on the stainless rod

I have pull on it, very hard, and can rip it out of the car but there has to be a better way. Anyone know how???
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