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Originally Posted by rori zahr View Post
so why the convertible can have fog lights while the coupé can't?
Fog lights deleted for additional engine cooling. Bimmerfile tells:

"The increased power and torque naturally place higher loads on the engine componentry, so a number of items, including the cooling system of the 335is, have been upgraded accordingly. An additional radiator has been added behind the left-side front air intake, along with a more powerful electric cooling fan. An oil cooler is fitted opposite the second radiator, on the right side. The front fascia of each model has been shaped with large openings to allow improved air flow to the coolers, and special emphasis was placed on the 335is Coupe’s higher probability of being used for spirited driving. As a result, the 335is Coupe has traded the Convertible’s foglights for the largest possible air openings, which help result in a substantial increase in effective cooling capacity over the original BMW 335i Coupe. These measures were taken specifically to ensure that the 335is will provide constant, reliable power under even the harshest driving circumstances. Engine mounts have also been replaced with stiffer units to help minimize deflection under very high G-loads."