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335d E92 Coupe aftermarket exhaust sounds


Anyone have any experience of having an aftermarket exhaust fitted to a 335d E92 Coupe?

Just wondering if it is worth considering, looking for a bit more noise, not too much, just a nice rumble at tickover and a bit more noise when accelerating, without being intrusive and resonating if that is possibe!

Got one quote from MIJPerformance:

The dual exit back boxes in stainless steel you've requested for your BMW 335D Coupe will cost 194.99 each this is fully inclusive of fuel discount (25), vat & fitting. I've included 2 x twin round tailpipes in the quotation, you can choose an alternative or upgrade (various twin tailpipes etc.) from our extensive range of 40 tailpipes if you wish.

We carry all the necessary parts needed to build your exhaust system instore, so it should take no longer than 2 - 3 hrs to build. As your system will be custom built, you can tell us how you would like it sound, anywhere from quiet to full sport. Our most popular choice is a Mid-Sport, this gives the best of both worlds, not intrusive but achieves the sporty sound you want from your car upon applying the throttle.

This is the only diesel I have owned, any thoughts, is it is worth considering with a diesel and anyone out there who has done this and has sound clips?