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Originally Posted by gumpy View Post
I am an Amsoil preferred customer and run Amsoil in all my cars. It is one of the few oils that is actually tested to go for extended drain intervals.

Anyway, I was skeptical about using it in our cars, as they do not have traditional fuel injectors and instead have direct injection. I called the Amsoil tech line and they confirmed that it was safe to use. I have been using it since I got the car with 7,000 miles on it. I now have 43,000 miles. I have never had any issues. I am on my original fuel pump as well. Just my 2 cents.

Not to but taking Amsoil's word on BMW longevity is not a good idea.

We all know that AMSOIL does not meet BMW requirements and only AMSOIL will tell you that it "meets Euro requirements" although they've never had it tested.

Call your BMW dealer (or better yet BMWNA) and ask them if AMSOIL meets BMW LL specs.

If you believe the AMSOIL hype then I have a great oil for you. It meets every spec known to man (even those not yet invented) and will provide 100k mile intervals. It is my very own blend of maple syrup, sawdust (to reduce oil loss) and a few secret ingedients. It is called IAMSOILING my pants.

BMW owners are better off sticking to oil on the "approved" list that buying into the internet hype of companies like AMSOIL and Royal Purple.