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great story.

the reason i asked this is that at the moment i drive an E46 318.. which as you no is not exactly going to break any land speed records, but its quite often i find someone sitting up my *** on the motorway (im far from slow either) which makes me think that they do it because its only a 318 or just because its a BMW....? no other car ive had has attracted driving like this...

on the other hand, my dad ownes a E46 M3 and from driving that ive had no such experience of people sitting too close behind or trying to get past at silly speeds....

So why is this??? is it because people reconise an M3 and dont even try their luck? if so... seeing as the 335 is more or less the same performance i am likely to get the same respect? or.... because its not a reconisable 'M' people will still drive round me like in my 318...?

Sorry to waffle on, but its something ive been wondering about

(7 hours to pick up!)