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To the people that say "we love our x35 blah blah blah, I'll live with it" I do not understand how you can say this? If you have a modded car, you have to remove everything to bring it in. I had a fully bolted stage 3 meth 135, pump failed, brought it back to stock to get the pump replaced. Got the pump replaced, and pretty much didnt put the mods back on. Eventually i put on a tune and meth, pump failed. The first pump started cranking at 12,xxx miles, replaced at 18k, the second pump started cranking at 22k, now it has 24k and is going to the dealer this week. This car is the reason I will NEVER buy another BMW. I can buy a KIA and have less problems. This will be my 6th dealer visit in 12 months of ownership. That is insane.

BTW 09 135 6mt
feb 09 production date