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Originally Posted by 88stlgrym3 View Post
a pointless model added to the 3 series lineup imo. either they use that new motor in all 335s or just leave it alone. the price (not msrp, real market price) between the 335is and M3 are so close. i just priced out a fully loaded 2009 m3 coupe fully loaded with DCT, premium and tech package for $60800. i doubt you can get a similar equipped 335is for significantly less than that. also you have to endure through all the comments about why buy a fake M3 orM3 wannabe from your friends . the E46 ZHP were different, they were only a couple grand more than the regular E46 330i.
Either you mis-typed the "6" in that $60800 (it should be a "7", as in $70800) or you are talking about an used 2009 M3...

I agree with the pointless model, though...