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Originally Posted by 88stlgrym3 View Post
go to carsdirect, type in zip code 91776 and see it for yourself. it's brand new '09 coupe with DCT, premium and tech packages. i guess it depends on the market, but BMW is heavily discounting the 3 series and m3s in my area until Feb 1st.
Your original statement was "priced out". Usually, when someone says something like that it means that they configured the car on to their liking. Probably, that's how Technic was interpreting your post. I interpreted it that way when I read it, and I was about to reply to your post until I saw that he already did.

Certainly there are some great M3 deals out there, like the one you've found and as I mentioned in an earlier post. But, if you are determined, you will be able to get good deals on a 335is also. Probably not as good as you can, percentage wise, on an M3 from two model years ago, no. But if someone wants a current model car to begin with, they are not going to be considering a 2009 M3 anyway.

I do agree it would have been nice for BMW to just bump the standard 335i to 330hp, but I think you'll have to wait for the F3x for that.
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