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"Pointless car"?? NOT!
What you are looking at is the basis of the next M3 motor.. Turbo I-6
The V8 M3 is a gas guzzler and let face it.. 95% of all M3's are daily Drivers..
This car is about "efficiency".. almost M3 performance... and 37% better milage...
Cost of ownership is going to be less....Insurance, tires, service..
The M3 is a very special car.. do not get me wrong, love to have one,
Sure a "used" M3 is about the same price.. so is a USED Porsche 996 Turbo (23 mpg highway).. and well now there is PERFORMANCE and far more "modable"... Let's compare apples to apples...

This car has clearlly stated objective... "capture those who want something better than a ordinary 335i, but do not want the cost and expences of an M3" , A gap filler, and one that will be a blast to drive, with little guilt at the gas pump... And factory Warranty

The CLEAR POINT OF THE CAR... "Efficient FUN"...