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Originally Posted by j330xi View Post
What you are looking at is the basis of the next M3 motor.. Turbo I-6
This is no more the basis of the next M3 motor than any other N54 or N55 is. The M3 motor will probably have a lot of changes from both the N54 and N55, just as the S63 has many changes from the N63.

This car has clearlly stated objective... "capture those who want something better than a ordinary 335i, but do not want the cost and expences of an M3" , A gap filler, and one that will be a blast to drive, with little guilt at the gas pump... And factory Warranty
I agree with the basic premise of what you are saying. I don't necessarily agree an M3 is more expensive to own than a 335i (being that I own both).
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