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completely understood, transfer function is not something new to me, nor is box design (I design higher end a/v systems and did 12volt for many years). Modeling can tell us if there are terrible peaks do to a mismatch of the driver to the oem enclosure in this case though... I am definitely making a pretty big assumption on the box volume, but from the pictures I've seen of them out of the car and the size of the frame rail that is supposedly uses as an extension of said enclosure, I'm pretty sure we aren't talking about much more than a .3-.4 ft3 box - not something like 1ft3... which can make the wrong speaker really ring due to the tiny box size. We stopped selling kicker before those midbasses came out, so I am unfamiliar with them, but I would guess they are more likely intended for free air use, and as such won't work all that well in a small ported box. Could be totally wrong though, that's why I hoped to find the t/s's to model them. Because the price is certainly appealing ($100 for the pair!), and kicker makes pretty decently built stuff. Not necessarily the highest SQ out there, but not bad either...