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big motoring world

well after going down to big motoring world on Saturday i ended up buying a X5 from them as recomended by a post on here, and to be truthful i went there with great concern after reading some of the posts on here, but i would like to say after having going and seeing the place for ourselves i don't understand the negative approach people have got? with all the getting them up the google ranks i mean bit childish really!! i understand some people might of had a bad experience there but we all have them everywhere we go at some point. but i think people for some reason maybe on over kill a bit, maybe other local car dealers etc i dunno.. i mean the place it just huge packed full of beemers and indeed the salesman was very helpful to us, and i for sure would NOT part with my money and buy a car from so called "cowboys" and if it was that bad a garage surely with the credit crunch etc it be gone as at times like these it separates the week from the strong..? all i can say is whoever owns it must be doing something right after seeing his brand spanking new rolls Royce ghost parked up outside his office (nice) I'm more than happy with my x5 therefor no bad reports from me guys
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