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Originally Posted by Lotus99 View Post
Nice clean install first of all! You don't seem to have a front license plate, but I've got one, and that is probably the first spot they'd hit, I'm guessing. Wouldn't the grill locations be closer to the plate?
Depends on the road and where they position themselves, but quite possibly.

No worries though. It' commonly accepted that any location w/in 18" (18" is about the minimum lidar gun dispersion pattern at close distances) from a head is WELL protected. Whether it's over or under or next to the object. Mid plate is almost exactly 18" from the outer portion of the heads inmy install... meaning very well protected. I think you real concern w/ the grill mounting is the outer edges of the lights.

Think about it, if a plate/grill shot isnt' working for the cop, as his 1st target, he's going to go for the lights next. But, at that time you've gotten much closer to him, right. So, his dispersion pattern is shrinking, and your edges are unprotected...the edges he's now shooting at!

Of course, to add certainty, I always do non-reflective (Matte black) grills and a Veil covered or very lightly tinted plate cover. I also scratch the actual license plate w/ a steel wool pad. This takes off the super shiny retro-flective coat and leaves a bit of a dull gray tint over the remaining paint. Then put the lightly tinted cover over it. It ends up being lightly tinted and very visible but very unreflective.

All of this will reduce reflectiveness by tons, and you'll be near impossible to target.
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