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Originally Posted by TambourineMan View Post

As for mounting under the bumper versus a higher spot in addition to the increased theft risk, you may want to think if most of the laser traps are when you are cresting a hill versus from an overhead. When cresting a hill reflective parts will be visible before the jammers have line of sight to the gun.

I agree that I may be exposed for a very small window of time, cresting a hill. But, I submitt that threat is way less than the side angle headlight shot you are chancing, by being 25"+ away from your headlight edges, on a corner or multiple lane highway (with you on one side and the cop on the other).

Typically your driving in traffic. And the cop can't hit all the cars. So, even w/ laser, cops still visually inspect groups of cars to pick the possible fastest or car passing, to determine who to target.

Logically because of inability to do an accurate comparison and for lack of targeting area, cops aren't targeting cars before they can really get a good visual, meaning my jammers are already in his line of sight or entering it, as I'm "selected". To exhaggerate the point, not many cops are shooting at hood ornaments topping hills.

Experience and logic says, they will target once they having a good line of sight, compare to other traffic, and have decided you are one of their chosen. Numerous hill experiences with jam successes uphold this claim.

But, compared that to coming around a curve, or being in the 3rd lane w/ the cop on the shoulder off lane 1, nailing you at an angle in the headlight for an extended period. This is a much bigger window and much more of a threat in my opinion.

Case in point: I came around a corner 2 years ago, and got targeted at about 300 ft. At that range his laser pattern is very tight. If he was aiming at my headlight and my jammer was in my grill, 25" away, I would have been toast!

This is all solely based on my experiences, over the last 3 years, and being aware of the circumstances in which I was targeted; none of it on empiracle data testing.

Note I also always overcompensate by doing a dark grille, tinted or Veil headlight/foglight coating, and no or reduced reflective plate. So, maybe my setup really sucks, and I have just compensated in other ways!

Both setups will work 90ish% of the time, and we will both eventually get a ticket. but, if we avoid 15 to 20 in the meantime, we both got our money's worth!
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