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Originally Posted by chrisdridley View Post
Tame those eyebrows......
As the proud owner of two 335d cars, I can tell you that I would be looking for the leak in the fuel system if I only got 36 mpg now that my '09 is broken-in. 550 miles between fuel-ups is the norm without the fuel light coming on.
I have put 34,000+ miles on my '09 "d" since July and I get 37 mpg or better for each tank of fuel.....yesterday, I got 38.7mpg for a 412 mile drive.
On the drive home from the BMW Performance Center, my new '10 "d" got 36.4 mpg and it was new with no miles.
The 335d is no M5 or ain't supposed to be.
If Motor Trend wants to do a long term test....let'em ride with me for a few weeks.....if anyone thinks the 335d with a auto tranny is no fun....let'em ride with me for a few minutes.
If you drove 34K miles in less than a year, I should hope your mpg would be in the high 30s. Obviously your driving habits aren't "mixed" and you're going to meet or exceed the EPA highway mpg estimate. In your case, the 335d is definitely the way to go! But for someone looking for a 12K mile/year lease, with more mixed driving habits and MPG probably closer to 21 (335i) or 30 (335d) the ownership cost is basically a wash (given today's lease terms + ECO credit availability + fuel costs).