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Originally Posted by I335 View Post
I have to say, I'm not impressed with the mpg figures they're reporting in the article.....Around here diesel is more expensive than 93 octane gas.
I can only speak from limited experience,having owned my "d" (my first diesel) only since last summer but I've found that last summer diesel prices were closer to regular than premium and now,in winter,they're a couple of pennies more than premium.In fact,driving through CT the other day diesel seemed to be about 5 cents cheaper than premium at several stations.And the summer vs winter price difference I've seen is borne out by what I've read.In short,during the winter diesel buyers (in the Northeast,at least) are competeing for supplies with those who heat their homes with oil.And I can assure that heating oil is a good deal more expensive in December than it is in September (or May).

And,for the record,I consistantly get 42-43 mpg on the Interstate at a steady 65mph (me being a much more "sedate" driver than many BMW owners).
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