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Originally Posted by uym3 View Post
i WAS going to pick up a 335i tomorrow, but after reading all this make me want to reconsider, but i want it so bad..
the car is a DREAM to drive. i just bought a 2007 335i and ten days later it went into 'limp' mode and i took it in to get serviced to see what was up. at this time i new nothing about the commonality of HPFP failure and the service guy immediately told me that it was probably that. however, after a test, they ended up replacing the injector. the service guy said he tried to get the HPFP replaced, but BMW wouldn't authorize it because it didn't show up in the test. having said that, i was pretty pissed to be back at the dealer after day 10, but you know what? i LOVE driving this car and if BMW is going to fix it for free...the f**k it!