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Ok - here's the skinny. I removed the 10mm spacers from the rear and put the wheels back on. WHAT A DIFFERENCE! whoever said that 10mm would not amount to much is mistaken. The difference between 33et and 43et is significant. The 33et on 9.5" wheels pushed them out to just inside the upper fender about 1/8 to 1/4". The 43et looks more like stock.

Other finding - as posted on this website many times - the Rogue 10mm spacer should not be installed on the e90, and now confirmed, e92 cars.

The rear hub contour height is greater than 11.5 mm and therefore per Rogue their 10mm spacer cannot be used. Measurement with a ruler (no dial caliper present) is about 12.5 mm. I personally inspected the spacer on the hub and confirmed that the inner machined lip of the spacer hits the wheel hub contour ring and prevents the flat spacer back from resting againsts the wheel hub. This will not be noticeable.

I am going to have 2mm grinded off of the wheel hub contour ring so that the spacer can sit flat and take the load rather than the inner part of the concentric ring part of the spacer. This has been recommended on this forum. I don't thing this will be a design issue since 5 mm spacers are installed over the ring therby shortening the effective length. Anyone have a different opinion?

Finally, 10mm removed from the offset sounds like a little but is a lot. And if you are running 10mm spacers form HR or Rogue on an e92, you are likely to have issues with cracks and vibration.