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According to: http://translate.googleusercontent.c...FPcWqVtzWLhAJQ

According to the rough google translation, Auto Motor Und Sport is reporting that BMW is expanding its lineup with 2 small models in 2014.

Ones a "Mini" BMW car that is going to compete with the Mercedes A class and upcoming Audi A1. It'll have a 3 cylinder engine good for 90-170 hp and will have hybrid variants.

The other is what the mag is calling "BMW City / Mega City" and is being developed under Project i, BMW's city car and super efficient car program. It's 4 meters, seats 4, is lighweight, powered by 167hp/250tq electric engine which has range of 160km. This car will have a two seat version as well.

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I love seeing BMW taking progressive steps towards efficency. Unlike GM and other American car companies... BMW actually walks the talk...

GM/Ford what do you have planned for 2014??

Better be pullin something outa your arse