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i 2nd that dmboone25 lol

ok, those 2 circular light rings are the "angel eyes" (corona lights) these are stock, no need to buy! the light (inside the angel eye on the left) is the Xenon (HID) your white/blueish lights.

MysteryDriver, the thing most people are modifying in their headlights are the bulbs, not the light system itself. the corona lights (angel eyes) that are stock on the 335i are yellow. most like a white/blue tint to them so most are changing the lightbulbs ($30-40). with regards to the previous 3 series, E46, those didnt come with the Corona lights and the owners had to modify the lights by buying/drilling/installng the angel eyes. but we (E92 owners) dont have to worry about that.

Xenon are the HIDs and the angel eyes are used as your daytime driving lights (can be left on all the time).

xsesxaznx--not true, you dont have to have xenon's to have angel eyes. in stock trim yes, but overall, if you want them, there are ways around it.