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Originally Posted by Fuel&Fire View Post
I really want to see the WeissLicht kit in Direct sunlight... Its the only thing thats holding me back from buying them.
I was the same way. Trying to figure out the brightness level of them. Search for Wiesslicht, there is pictures posted in another thread that has them in daylight, if not direct sunlight.
If I ever see the sun again I will take some "high noon" daytime shots, you just wont be able to see the before cause I am not screwing around in that small space again until I have to.
My personal observations of mine vs the Lux pictures I have seen is that the lux are brighter. They also dont dim when the lights come on. (I didnt care about this) But the Weisslichts color and light ouput were better than many others. The final factor in buying them was the cost difference to go up to the Lux was not worth it to my wife...uh... I mean me.

I am happy with the look over stock without blowing TOO much cash.
wow, it's not dirty.

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