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no plate

it depends on where you are and why you might be pulled over. i drove around with no front plate on my last car for nearly 2 years with no front plate. never worried while i was driving around or if there was a cop in the lane beside me. it was going through a seat belt check and that's where i got tagged for no front plate. complete cash grab on the cops end, but in BC it is ILLEGAL to drive around without a front plate.

i've heard of people putting their front plates in the front window / windshield, but i don't know if they'll accept that as actually being legit. depends on the cop i guess. i've also heard of guys with really expensive cars (ala ferarri, bentley, etc.) that do not want to drill holes in their $5-6k bumpers and have gone as far as putting laminated photocopies in the grille (hard to explain properly) with zap straps or clips.

i think it's a stupid law; none the less, it's the law in BC that you have to have a front plate. so, be nice, be appreciative if they give you a warning. and hope you don't get stuck with the $86 fine.
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