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Originally Posted by spdu4ea View Post
A standardized test would be great -- what do you propose? (boost level, gear/speed, ambient temps, time)
the best comparisons we can all make is if people(end users not tuner data) do a 2-3-4 gear wide open throttle run datalogging boost,rpm and ambient temps. i have a very good calculator that can estimate pre intercooler temps and translate that into intercooler efficiencies using the estimated pre intercooler temps/post intercooler temps and ambient temps. the standardization done this way over multiple gears also shows an intercoolers ability to thwart heat soak... most of the current 2-3-4 data is done at 13.5-14.5psi boost levels, as you said earlier comparing data at stock boost to tuned boost is useless and can be wrongly interpreted. I just want the TRUTH to be shown, as many people it seems get caught up in a name or believe marketing hype... Let independant DATA and FACTS be the judge!

I have proposed an intercooler shootout on several threads, Helix will gladly put our FMIC in the mix as I know from the data i have seen on the opposition we will be at or very near the top of the heap in every apspect: pressure drops, ait drops, intercooler efficiency and reluctance to heat soak

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