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Originally Posted by philc View Post
I reluctantly bought my wife a 2-year old 2006 330i for her 65th birthday Nov 2008. Since then, we've had to take it to the BMW shop 3 times (2-days each) to fix idiot lights--one was a loose gas cap!!!
Now that the warranty just went out it wouldnt start (of course). I did not know about this site, and the manuals said nothing about raplacing a battery, or even where it was.
Well I googled to find out where it was and what Advance auto parts -- my neigghborhood parts place ---- had for it. Their "silver" battery was $94--2 years free return and 7 total pro-rated. I bought it and thought it would be simple to put in--like on my Gran Marquis--20 minutes max.
Well 3 hours later and a painful back, the battery's in and the car starts and runs.
It was then original big white BMW battery. Had to figure out how to fit the smaller one in. There are a few threaded holes in the bottom to attach the long clamp bolt, so after connecting all the wires, I just pushed it forward and used the large glavanized clamp/washer in reverse to clamp the new battery down with it's bottom edge-which juts out for that.
There's still a wire---thin 10" cable with one blue and one red wire with very small connector----with no apparent place to go.
But the BMW starts and runs, and the battery will be a whole lot easier to replace next time.
BTW--I just joined this group today and couldnt see any pictures on this thread.

Not sure if you read the entire thread, but you now need to get the car reprogrammed to tell it a new battery is in it. It will not properly charge the new battery if you don't get this done. It sounds like you new to owning a BMW. Take some advice, if you plan on working on it yourself, get a Bently E9X repair manual. BMWs have special procedures even for simple things, like changing the oil, coolant, etc., even the battery. BMWs are way over engineered and have special repair techniques to go along with the engineering. Also, stick with BMW OEM parts. There are many places on the web that sell BMW parts. We all like