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Originally Posted by pseto View Post
Tres - I'm assuming you're talking about swapping out to the M3 suspension? if thats the case, 7 hrs would seem about right to me since the subframe needs to be lowered and i believe the exhaust unbolted. plus it takes some time to get those stock bushings out. not sure how they'll get them out though, and unless they can use the special BMW tools to pull out e36/e46 subframe bushings, i don't even think one exists for e92s (they could always torch them out lol).

i know of others that did the same swap and based on what they paid, AtSpeed is cheaper, believe it or not. although i wouldnt pay $210 for a custom alignment b/c i'm sure you want a car that can handle both street/track. if it were a true track only car, then a custom alignment would be the way to go

some of those M3 suspension parts arent that hard to swap yourself, but the main issue would be the bushings IMO.

the front and rear m3 parts wishbones tension strut etc i can do it myself the only thing i cant do is remove the bushings but this is just for a coilover install i guess i just have to get off my lazy ass and do it myself