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Originally Posted by .:bHd:. View Post
I'm not trying to bash the deceased especially since we don't know what happened but why can't they just put it in neutral and slow down to a stop with the hand brake. Seems like whenever something is not going right first thing people do is slam on the brakes.
I can agree w that, sucks really bad that this happened though.

I've had this same situation w/ my '69 Camaro. i was making BIG TQ and one of the motor mounts snapped. well that caused the motor to lean hard and the throttle cable got pinched at WOT. I popped it neutral (manual tranny) it quickly began popping off the rev limiter so I shut it down and used my regular brakes to stop. obviously w/ the engine off there was no hydraulic pressure but you can still use your brakes, they just dont bite very hard. Next step would have been the E-brake.

took me all of 2 seconds at most to figure that out thank god. Scared the crap out of me though! I was probably doing 80mph when it happeend.