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Originally Posted by E90SLAM View Post
Not sure about the other side of the pond, but here in US, the recall are only for Toyotas, none from Lexus yet or any Lexus models affected. Or I'm just not aware of.
There's a recall on the ES350s also since they share components with the Camry... Same accelerator problem. I believe it was the IS250/350 which brought the problem to the news first also.

I'm sure they tried to put it in neutral, but I believe the car wouldn't allow it considering they were using full throttle. On a car with a manual gearbox it's probably easier to do this than a computer controlled auto.

Originally Posted by mmm def View Post
Didn't seem to happen until it was in the news.
It was happening before, if you watch the 3rd link (2nd youtube video) the OP posted, you'll see they interview someone who survived a wreck after the accelerator stuck on her Lexus ES. Didn't see that one in the news because no one died, but it was happening.