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I've not heard of any Lexus vehicle being recalled around here, only Toyota. While I wouldn't completely discount Toyota (because they've been good), their quality has gone down compared to the past. I'm surprised people haven't brought that up.

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I'm not trying to bash the deceased especially since we don't know what happened but why can't they just put it in neutral and slow down to a stop with the hand brake. Seems like whenever something is not going right first thing people do is slam on the brakes.
Well when you're in panic mode you can't exactly stop and think things through. Thus the first and logical, thing to do would be to slam the brakes. It's kind of like jumping into a frozen lake in Antarctica (or anywhere that's cold). The cold hits you so fast and your body sends signals to your brain to combat it. What most people (who aren't trained) would do then is to try and gasp for air. Needless to say most of them won't survive.