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Help..... E91 320D economy

Hi everyone,

Well, I am still on a downer about the economy of this car and i have committed myself to the fact there is a problem with it.

We aren't just trusting the on board computer either (which shows a 32mpg avearge)......we have filled it, driven it and refilled it again to work out the mpg that way.

I mean COME ON.....we are getting 420 miles to a brimmed tank when we make a focused effort to drive economically.

That is TERRIBLE. I can beat that on my 20 year old Civic CRX

Other identical cars to me are netting around 550+ regularly when driven HARD.

I know that there are no logs being dumped by the car, I have had it at an independant who checked the memory and advised there is nothing there.

My remap is coming off tomorrow and I dont expect my economy to change at all as it was naff before but i am hoping that engine rattles go and it is smoother.

I phoned both my main BMW franchises, Bavarian and The Country Garage to ask for their advice and all I was told was "leave it in, 2-3 hours diagnostics time.........but you have to be prepared for us not finding any problems, all we will be doing is checking the memory which your guy has done"

At 90+vat an hour.......

At this particular minute......I cannot afford to run this car @ 32mpg and I cannot afford to throw 300 at an unsure diagnostics session either.

I mentioned to the service guy that it could be the injectors as I had noted the engine being noisier......he didnt really pay much notice to that.

I mean WHAT?

What the hell do i do?

I am so close to getting rid and its so saddening, its such a lovely car to drive.....comfy and safe.

It would be a sin to have to ditch it and get an Accord Cdti or a Mondeo.

Anyone with any advice please help