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Hi guys,

The pain is that i am not afraid of getting stuck in where i can. I rebuilt my own wee Civic CRX engine and gearbox.......and its still thundering along with 106000 miles

The first port of call for me was the breathing and i made sure there were no blockages, changed the filter and cleaned out the EGR and pipework etc.

I have noted some funk EGR actions that were noticed by another forum member whereby i get a micro hesitation when feathering the throttle at 70 ish on teh motorway, i believe this is down to the EGR being a dick.......disconnecting/blocking it just gives me an error code.

Havent checked for blow by but i will do that tonight.....the car doesnt use any oil that i have noted but i have noticed a wee puff of blue/black smoek when coming on boost. Not alot mind.

No induction leak noise and it was over-fuelling but my mapper adjusted this and it has dropped markedly. I can see some smoke on the motorway at night but not the fog there used to be.

I was under the impression that my car did not have a DPF F104.......

I dont know the benefit of buying a cable wither mate as the guys who checked them for me is a BMW specialist and i would suspect he has the correct tools.

He was using some funky Bosch item to read the codes on my car.....would that not have sufficed?

It did tell him about parking sensors that i had changed and the time i disconnected the EGR valve etc so it seemed to know the whole story...... just didnt tell us anything else that would cause the issue I am having.

Thanks for the advice so far guys