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Originally Posted by Carrera RSR View Post
Post up exactly the age miles 163/177bhp etc.

You said its mapped. What map. What power. Does it feel quick. When was it last serviced. Last check engine/turbo etc.

Lots of variables involved but its not right with the mpg. Before you ring BMW UK make sure all is 100%. They may not do anything without a full check up in the dealer first.

I average 44mpg and 550 - 600 miles per tank. Thrashed up and down the UK, 3000 miles a month. Did the same in my previous 163bhp 320d. However I am getting the car fully warmed up over 200 - 400 miles per day. Doing 20 mile journeys will never get the best out of the car.
November 2005 BMW E91 320D 163BHP.

Car was mapped locally to 212 or so BHP. Yes it feels quick for what it is. But i dont drive it really, the missus does with the wee one and power deliver is a bit, erm....spikey. So its coming off tomorrow.

Last serviced by me, Air Filter, Oil and Oil Filter a couple of thou ago.

FSH prior to that as this was a fleet car in Manchester. I have the documentation to prove that.

Thinking about it, Helen does easily 50 miles a day......80% motorway I would say.

We look after it good with regards to warm up and cool downs, I educated wifey to this as soon as we got it as we have always been petrol drivers.