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Originally Posted by AWD Addict View Post
I think my third pump failed this morning. Last night on the way home from work, had a very strong smell of fuel in the cabin (even with windows open). Wife was behind me for part of the drive and said she could smell it as well. This happened when my first pump failed as well.

This morning, had a very long crank, and when she turned over, she was stumbling and bumbling all over the place.

The pump in there now (third one) is the new model number. So assuming it failed again (which dealership hasn't confirmed, but symptoms appear to support) the new pump isn't the answer.

Getting pretty tired of dealing with this. It's affecting my job and life big time, and this isn't the economy to be the guy constantly having to get in late or leave early to figure out my car's service. Worse, I spent $50,000 so that I woulnd't ever have to worry about this sh!t anymore. :mad:

I'm going to have to seriously consider calling this thing a lemon. Problem is, there aren't any other cars i want to drive, and the damn 2010s are having the same damned issues.

When did you replace the third pump?