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Originally Posted by Garduna View Post
6am..... that's insane!

I'm getting back into p90x as well. After months of deadlines and the Christmas holidays, I put on some unhealthy pounds, almost 10 to be exact. I'm back into doing the regiment.

I'm substituting some of the workouts on and off due to the fact that Iím working out twice a day. Lunch break I hit the gym and have the full options of doing a full hour of cardio/ab work, gym classes similar to kenpo x, core synergistics, cardio x or simply hit the weights for one of the muscle p90x routines. Simple plan, 2 workouts, 1 for muscle training and the other for burning fat. Yes I do have my own weights at home as well.

And god damn, I feel healthy again Tho a bit sore at times! I want my damn 6pack again.
Yah 6am is the SHIEEEETTT.......... i hate waking up but when you're done the workouts its the best feeling ever.......

where do you work/workout? I've got a gym at my office as well, and i've tried going there a few times, but its busy most of the time, and its just not the same as a real gym.... i hit the YMCA a few times a week as well just to get in some laps around the track or treadmill