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Thanks for the feedback!!! I just got the invoice from MORR Corp. I will order mines on Monday. Let me know when you drop it. I'm thinkin'... "I'll vibe off of you!" Your ride looks saaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhwwwwwweeeeet!!! All right bro!

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I had very little wait at all on the wheels. I ordered at the very end of the groupbuy on January 18th. I think the company received the first batch of wheels from overseas on Thursday the 21st. They shipped out all of the groupbuy wheels on the Mon the 25th and Fedex attempted first delivery to my house on Mon Feb 1st, so it was good time. Fedex sucks though and you can read my story about it here:

However, I've been told they switched over to UPS now though cuz I think other people had issues with Fedex as well.

I believe that they received more wheels than the groupbuy amount so they are stocking them so if you were to buy now the processing and shipping time should be pretty quick as well, but you'll have to confirm that with them. Wheeladdicts is selling the rims as well.