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Blackberry 8707v pairing problems

I just bought a used Vodafone 8707v to replace my 8700g. I've been using the 8700g with Bluetooth in my 2006 330i for months with no problem whatsoever.

So, today I got everything transferred to the 8707v with no problems and paired my Logitech and my Plantronics headsets to the 8707v with no problem. However, when I pair the 8707v to the car, it drops the connection every few seconds. Turning address book transfer off does not affect the problem.

This seems to be exactly the same symptom that was seen on 7xxx series Blackberrys as reported in Knowledge Base article KB03690 and it was fixed with a software upgrade to the Blackberry.

Does anyone know if there is a version of software that runs on the 8707 that fixes this problem?

The 8707v is running v4.1.0.355(Platform from Vodafone. And the 8700g is running v4.1.0.377(Platform

FWIW, I also tried these releases on the phone and had the same problem:

v4.1.0.378 (Platform

v4.1.0.365 (Platform

Also, the phone is set to trust the BMW adapter.

Any help would be really appreciated. I haven't gotten any responses on the Blackberry forums.