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Originally Posted by pchan866 View Post
how would the overboost work? is there like a switch to turn it on or off when you want it?

I was looking at the pricing pdf for the 3 series and there are 2 premium packages and there is one with the moonroof and one without so im not sure. How much can the moonroof weigh anyways? i've always like it but seems like all the enthusiast want a delete option.
Most turbocharged engines have a thing called a wastegate after the turbo. The wastegate is a dump valve which bleeds off overpressure in the intake system. In modern cars it is usually under computer control. The overboost feature will likley also be under the control of the engine management system. It will allow the wastegate to open at the higher pressure for however many seconds it is set for, then revert to normal pressure. This feature will proably work only at or near full throttle. You need do nothing other than put your foot all the way down.

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