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Lexus's Answer to the GTS

Looking at the IS-F CCS Concept, we can’t help but think of the equally-orange BMW M3 GTS
I kinda lol'd.

Lexus saw fit to upgrade the power a bit, too. The engine is untweaked, but a new exhaust system reportedly adds a dozen ponies, raising the 5.0-liter V8's output to 428. It's hard to say for certain from just the photos, but those brakes also appear to be carbon ceramic, too. All in all, the mods probably save around 125 pounds. That'll certainly help out on the track, though an additional 125 lbs. on top of that would be even better. Also, the odds of the IS F CCS making it to a Lexus dealer near you are zero.
Lexus knows wassup w/ the brake game.
Originally Posted by DisGuy View Post
god damn that car is nice. i would sell my girlfriend for it
Originally Posted by mastek View Post
why dont you leave him a love note on the car -- with hearts and shit

lol - seriously tho -- I find notes on my car sometimes -- but it's NEVER from girls -- -- damm M3 is a ghey magnet

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