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Originally Posted by doctor_vino View Post
Yah 6am is the SHIEEEETTT.......... i hate waking up but when you're done the workouts its the best feeling ever.......

where do you work/workout? I've got a gym at my office as well, and i've tried going there a few times, but its busy most of the time, and its just not the same as a real gym.... i hit the YMCA a few times a week as well just to get in some laps around the track or treadmill
Yo, my workplace is north of mccaul/queen west. There's a goodlife fitness center there. I usually go there around 12:45-1pm when most of the lunch gym rats leave. More dibs on the equipment for me! 2nd workout is at home

Thrusday, I hitup the elliptical machines and in less than an hr, burned off over 500 calories. If that ain't fat burning, I don't know what is! (damn that sounds like tony horton)